Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Term, Day Five: The Classics and The Consumption

I woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls. This is always a good way to wake up.

As we left Ray's birthday party last night, my friend Katie offered to give away cinnamon rolls to reduce the amount of sweets in the house. Daniel tried to say yes, but Katie quickly offered some of the cinnamon roll dough before he managed to finish his sentence. He was much happier with that option.

So, I woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls. Daniel had already made two batches of granola (one savory for Tuesday's Greek meal, and one sweet for general breakfast and snack consumption). He continued on his oven rampage and made a not-so-successful looking chicken and cheese pretzel bites but god, were they delicious. A repeat is in order.

Dinner was tomato soup, grilled cheese (Camembert, Munster, or swiss, depending on the palate), potato salad, and the pretzel bites. Chris came home to some of her favorite foods... welcome back, darling!

A mass of folks (the Jamies, Amanda, Eliza, Michael, Mike, and Aries) came by for a dessert and tea and coffee party. We had the root beer cake, some vegan chocolate orange cupcakes that I'd made, coffee, and some incredible Earl Grey that Michael brought. Wowza. We're a fabulous bunch.

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