Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Term, Day Nine: Hurray for Pizza Day!

In a throwback to OSCA, Friday is deemed Pizza Day, the best day of the week (according to The Aquabats).

I made epic pizza dough (with basil, garlic and onion) and did six small rounds of parbaked dough so that we could top each pizza differently to everyone's liking.

Toppings included:

Spinach, roasted red peppers, sauteed mushrooms, olives, caramelized and raw onions, sundried tomatoes, pepperoni, cooked chicken, feta, parmesan and mozzerella, plus tomato and alfredo sauce (courtesy of Chris!).

The meal was partnered with incredibly good cheap white wine, garlic knots from the leftover pizza dough, minestrone, and carob and walnut biscotti (courtesy of Daniel!). Also, a hilarious game of Bananagrams concluded our evening.

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