Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Term, Day Seventeen: Indian Extravaganza!

Another trip to West Side Market/Trader Joe's today. We left 40 minutes later than we usually do, and got back to Oberlin 40 minutes earlier than usual. Hurray for efficiency!

Did you know I'm obsessed with cannoli? I got one to finish up my lunch at West Side yesterday. It was hand-filled when I ordered it, and was better than any cannoli than I've had in New York. Oh deliciousness.

Last night's classy meal was Indian extravaganza. Finally, my spices are being put to good use!

On the menu:

Lentil-coconut-carrot soup by me
Curried tomatoes and chickpeas by Sandhya
Saag with faux paneer (tofu) by Amanda
Lentil-tomato-eggplant curry by the Jamies
Potato and okra curry by Eliza and Michael
Naan with garlic oil by Lady Jamie with extra help from Jessie, Lilly, and Sir Jamie
Kheer (rice pudding) by Jessie

Our table and floor additionally contained Chris, Aries, Reid, Michael's brother Matthew, and Yoshi. Naan jokes were more than plentiful... a naan-issue, really.

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