Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Term, Day Four: Classic Comfort

Daniel had big baking plans for today, starting off the morning with a batch of Honey Florentine cookies. I spent an hour cleaning a waffle iron, because when you want waffles, you need waffles. By this point, it was well past 1pm, and felt that breakfast seemed redundant at that hour... but... I had cleaned the waffle iron!

A brilliant food idea occurred: use the waffles and bread and make a delectable sandwich. It was a success: a triple decker BLT on waffle bread with Camembert or Munster (depending on the palate). This is obviously sustain us through the rest of the day's cooking.

Daniel managed to complete two batches of Honey Florentine cookies (the first batch had ended up a bit... crispy) and a root beer chocolate cake with sour cream chocolate icing (which I made) while I made potato corn chowder, roasted chicken, and lemony asparagus. The two of us devoured the meal, and made up a plate for my new housemate Yoshi, who luckily made it to Oberlin this evening. Chris, who was also expected today, had her flight rescheduled for tomorrow.

We snacked on the cookies and shared between the three of us one sliver of cake, but saved the majority of it for a postponed dessert party for the next night.

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