Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Term, Day Ten: Classy Pasta Coma

Another trip to West Side Market, though a rather speedy one since Sean had to get back by 1.30. I took a photo of my lunch, though, a delicious bratwurst sandwich on a hard roll with sauerkraut and mustard.

We stopped by Trader Joe's for some weekly ingredients too, and took photos with their posable sign outside.

Then we all went our seperate ways to make our hearty dishes, and we regrouped at my house a few hours later for an Italian feast.

Chris also managed to check out a video projector, making our living room amazingly technological... and awesome.

The menu included:

Baked brie with grape, strawberry, and raspberry jam by Chris
Rigatoni with fresh tomato sauce by Michael
A veggie-cheesy lasagna with zuchinni, eggplant, and spinach by Eliza (plus a single-serve vegan veggie lasagna for Eli)
A meaty-cheese lasagna by me
Salad with Italian vinegrette by Amanda and Bryan
Bread with a tomato dip, a bean dip, and pesto by Eli and Sean
A citrus-and-other-fruits blend iced tea by Sean
Homemade tiramisu (with homemade ladyfingers) by Daniel
Vegan date and cashew truffles by Daniel
Carob and walnut biscotti by Daniel
Candied walnuts by Eli and Sean

And Yoshi is our favoritest and best dishwasher ever.

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