Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Term, Day Three: People Food

Today included a visit to West Side Market, the best indoor market ever, where many of us stocked up on weekly produce, local meal and other delicacies, and Trader Joe's, for some more practical cooking ingredients.

Upon our return, a flurry of cooking in many locations began. Michael went on an adventure to buy a soup pot and made potato leek soup. Eliza pounded out (with her mind) three loaves of no-knead bread. Eli whipped up a batch of curried corn and bean soup, a recipe he'd been experimenting with for a while. Daniel worked for hours on a broiler cake, a many-layered concoction of classy proportions and a cute vegan spice cookie with raspberry jam. Amanda dragged the ingredients for broccoli tempura across campus to my house, and spent her time turning out incredibly fried tidbits. I was in Mediterranean mode and made a cucumber tomato salad and hummus, which required some silly substitutions since the tahini didn't make it to my house.

And then there was a classy gathering at Slapdash house. If there's one thing the Foodship does well, it's classiness. Closely followed by cooking and eating good food.

Totally stuffed. Soup'll do that to you. So will potlucks. And good food.

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