Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Term, Day Two: Hearty Homestyle

(This is not in black and white. That's how contrasty the outside was today.)

Our shopping trip to the best market in the world (plus Trader Joe's) is tomorrow, so I'm still getting by on my staples, still. It was a brisk 17 degrees today, too, so the only contact with the outside world was to open my door to friends and to take some photos of the massive icicles outside my windows.

With the additional six inches of snow from the past day, the only thing on my mind was keeping my kitchen as warm as possible. Today's menu was chili and fresh oat and honey bread (and some rolls, since our shopping journey starts way too early tomorrow morning), and Daniel made a batch of cream cheese cookies with strawberry preserves.

Due to the lights being ridiculous, I only got to photograph about 1/6 of what I wanted to shoot today, but what I did looks great! I also figured out how to tether my Nikon through Aperture, so I can use my computer as my camera's shutter, or click the shutter on my camera and see the photo on my computer screen. Technology. Love it.

Due to the cold, it was only the two of us for dinner. It was delicious, though.

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