Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Term, Day One: Scents of My Old Kentucky Home

Back to the food bloggy world! Why? I am on campus for winter term, the month of independent learning that Oberlin College requires three out of four Januaries of a student's undergraduate education. As hoity-toity as that sounds, I've done amazingly cool things; over the past three years I spent a month in art museum tour guide training, I made a short documentary film about a student production of Steel Magnolias, and I was an intern at the theater group The Striking Viking Story Pirates (watch their videos! They're hilarious!).

This winter I have completed all my necessary requirements, but I'm spending the month at home working on the bulk of my senior project, a stop motion animated soup cookbook. The soup is just the start of my daily cooking, since I'm cooking accompanying dishes so my month is well-rounded and delicious.

Before starting such a large food project, I took it upon myself to organize my entire kitchen, both to figure out dinner tonight and take stock of what I have and what I need to buy. Amanda dropped by to say hello, and drink tea, and helped me make lots of lists of ingredients. Thank you, darling.

Day one: Slightly low on fresh veggies, but lots of basic ingredients that I had frozen or refrigerated before my two week winter break, heavy on the potato and onion side. The plan: French onion soup (with requisite cheesey toast) and potato galette. These two things are two of my dad's specialties, so my Ohio home smelled very much of my old Kentucky Home today.

I shot a majority of the photos for a possible stop-motion French onion soup recipe this evening as well, which is as painful as it sounds. Many tears.

Lady Jamie is also allergic to dairy, so I made this whole French repast without butter, though we did have melted swiss on our toasted bread (she just had the fresh bread).

In attendance were Jamie Flynn, Amanda Lozada, and Daniel Dudley. We are currently painfully full and ready for tomorrow.

Also, those Republican napkins are woefully ironic; they're a holdover from my housemate Melissa's NASCAR themed goodbye party last month.


Gaz said...

I'm liking the tablecloth! Can't wait to eat with you all.

Unknown said...

I believe the proper name I gave the sandwiches is "two hand sandwich" Matters less what is in it, must be thick and definitely held in two hands.
Avocados are definitely a plus. Sprouts and tons of lettuce a must.